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Welcome to the Quebec city Bulldogs web site. As you may already know, this site is rated among the top 100 best wheelchair basketball sites in the World !

This site is based on laziness : Put everything in one big page, don't bother with fancy pictures or graphics, edit with anything you got, avoid those complicated script things. So if you find a strange window on you're screen, be sure it's not coming from me. Actually, it's from Yahoo and it's supposed to behave well.

If you want to see a real nice web site (with style, content and everything) go visit the minis-bulldogs here.

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The Bulldogs (and the Lynx)

The Bulldogs got there name from the famous hockey team who won the Stanley cup for Québec around 1910. That was before the NHL and the Nordiques who move to Denver in order to win the cup again and make us all feel very bad and angry...

The wheelchair basketball Bulldogs team was put together in 1987 and was for the first five years associated with a corporation known as Adaptavie. The Bulldogs became an independent corporation in 1992.

Among the team achievements are : Provincial title in 1992 and 1996, Winner of a conference in the 1990's Spitfires tournament in Toronto, Winner of the Coupe Québec in 1992, 1993, 1995 and 1996. Winner of the Ligue de l'est final in 1994 and 1996. Division winner in the 2001 Défi Sportif final.


The Lynx was and still is the junior branch of the Bulldogs organization. Now just to confuse everybody (including me), the Bulldogs split into 2 equally talented teams for the 2001-2002 season (2A league). One of the team is still known as the Bulldogs and the other as the Lynx.

Partner of the team are : Ville de Québec, Association québécoise des sports en fauteuil roulant (AQSFR), Ministère des affaires municipales. The Bulldogs are always interested in any sponsorship or partnership offer. You can use the Email icon at the end of the page to get in touch with our financial department.

Here's a photo of the 2001-2002 Bulldogs bulldogs 2002

Members are :


Luc Giguère, Alain Tremblay (trainer), Isabelle Trempe, Denis Lapointe, Clément Boucher, Audrey J. Racine, Maxime Aubé, Manuel Cloutier, Marc Auger.


Sébastien Cloutier, Mario Trudel, André Boutet, Kevin Jacques, Diana Linn, Michel Pelletier, Mathieu Charron, Sébastien Thériault, Keven Poulin, Michael Poulin, Guillaume N. Parent, Glen Barette, Michel Racine (trainer).

Many other talented players have been associated with the team over the last ten year. Here are some of them : Gilles Morin, Evans Émond, Robert Barry, Yoland Beaudet, Dany Bélanger, François Cantin, Alain Chouinard, Jacques Guérin, Guy Lacourse, Pascal Lafontaine, Daniel Marchand, Dominique Marchegiani, Mario Moses, Daniel Normandin, Mathieu Parent, Jonathan Parent, Marie Perron, Michel Petit, Richard Plante, Jacques Pruneau, Christian Ratté, Vital Rochette, Alain Roy, Hélène Simard, Frédéric St-Jean, Doug Toth, Christophe Trachsel, Jocelyn Filion.

Poor quality photos from the archives :

photo souper (35 K)
Bulldogs 1990 (9 K)
Bulldogs 1993 (28 K)
Bulldogs 1994 (73 K)
Bulldogs 1996 (26 K)
Bulldogs 1997 (18 K)
Bulldogs 1998
Bulldogs 1999
Bulldogs 2000
Bulldogs 2001
photo du défi sportif 2001 (Bulldogs vs Nouveau Brunswick)
photo du défi sportif 2001 (finale)
photo du défi sportif 2001 (finale)

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The "Baskethon" is a fund raising activity in which team from different corporation are invited to compete against each other in a weelchair basketball tournament. The winning team of each pool has the privilege to play against the Bulldogs.

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The Coupe Québec

The "Coupe Québec" is an open tournament designed to give more exposure to the sport of wheelchair basketball in our area and to give the chance to as many team as possible to compete outside their current leagues. It is organized by the Bulldogs and the Citadelles.

You can view some statistics from the previous edition by teams and by players.

Coupe Québec poster (24 K)

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Tournaments and events

Bulldogs an Lynx will again this year play in the Québec 2A league. Here's the 2001-2002 schedule.

Stats and results for the league can be found here.

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